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Coming Through

Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through the Son.  But Jesus also said, ” No one comes to Me unless the Father draws him.  So while it might seems confusing, both the Father and the Son are intrinsically united in relationship and purpose, but the end goal is for us to know …

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Let Us Die with Him

In John chapter 11, the disciple Thomas’ fatalistic perception of dying with Jesus Christ in Jerusalem was based on his misunderstanding of what Jesus said “must” occur. From Thomas’ perception, it falsely meant the permanent end of life and the loss of everything promised including the new Messianic King and the establishment of the Kingdom …

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Becoming Peter

In Luke 5, Peter is referred to by Luke as “Simon” but uses “Simon-Peter” to mark the beginning of the change, the extraordinary moment when Simon is overwhelmed by Jesus’ “catch of fish” miracle and Simon becomes open to the call upon to become the man Jesus said He would make him to be in …

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